How to keep your computer clean to improve performance

How many times have we heard that it is a very good idea to format our equipment every year to keep it fast and efficient in use? The problem that most of us encounter when following this advice is that during that year we have the habit of cramming it with a lot of content, programs, folder structures, and custom layouts that could make formatting too cumbersome.

The speed and performance of a computer depend on it being in a healthy state of cleanliness, not only in terms of software but also in terms of hardware. Dirt accumulates in every corner and this can cause overheating that affects the performance of the components.

Techniques to clean a computer and improve its efficiency level

We are going to analyze some of the simplest techniques that will allow us to have the equipment clean enough so that efficiency does not suffer too much and that does not force us to invest too much time in its maintenance.

Cleaning from the inside removing all dirt effectively

We have to keep in mind that it is highly recommended to perform annual equipment maintenance, which includes, apart from a thorough cleaning of all traces of dirt and dust, the replacement of the thermal paste, the CPU, and even, of the GPU, if we have a gaming computer.

However, if we want to do quick cleaning maintenance eventually, there are cans of compressed air that allow us to do this quickly in a short period. However if by chance we have an air gun with its compressor, the result will be the same or better.

Software cleaning optimization programs

Countless programs on the market supposedly promise to optimize our computers and make them faster. The truth is that these programs usually provide very few advantages and could damage some important components of the system. The most conservative ones usually do not make any changes and we will hardly notice the performance improvement.

However, the advantage they have is that even if the optimization is minimal, they do everything automatically, which will save us a lot of time.

Among the most popular we can find:

Ashampoo WinOptimizer: one of the classics that does its job properly.

CCleaner – This has historically been a preference for all IT technicians. The problem is that Piriform took over the product and is no longer as efficient as it once was.

IOBit advanced system care: the IOBit brand has a very good suite of optimization applications, which are reporting better results than average.

Norton Utilities another of the dinosaurs in this sector with several decades behind it.

Formatting is always usually the best

As we indicated in the introduction, regular formatting is usually the best option. Therefore, the most correct thing is to consider a work methodology so that, when the day of formatting comes, it is as simple as possible. But to be able to have this, we will need a good amount of disk space, ideally an external hard drive with several GB available. Some ideas to keep in mind:

If we can enjoy a backup in the cloud in which to store our most important files, it will make our lives easier, be it in Google Drive, Dropbox, etc… It is good to put shortcuts to the folders and files of this backup in the cloud so that We are always touching files that we know will not be lost after formatting.

Windows already comes, by default, with the ability to synchronize our main user in OneDrive, including document folders, images, and even the desktop. The problem is that space is very limited, so it is advisable to only store what is essential there.

It is good to have in a document, such as an Evernote note, a list of the programs we use and their respective download URL. Thus, when it comes time to format, we will only have to download them again for later installation.

Despite everything, we will always lose program configurations, among other things. Technically it is possible to export the Windows user folder and integrate it back after formatting, which will help, but will not always accurately maintain the results we expect. Therefore, we must always be ready to wait for more than one program to have to be reconfigured again and, therefore, if we can export the configurations of said programs before formatting, it will also save us a lot of time.

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