How to format a USB drive in Windows 10?

In the past, floppy disks and then CDs and DVDs were used to store the various necessary computer data. With the advancement of the digital world, containing from 4 GB to 1 T on a tiny and therefore practical medium, the USB key has become an essential tool for everyone, both for students and company employees. In addition, it is rather reliable. But sometimes, it no longer wants to work. Formatting the USB key then proves to be one of the effective solutions for quickly repairing the peripheral in question. But, using Microsoft’s Windows 10 system, you don’t know how to do it? Here is the procedure and software to do it:

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Formatting a USB key in Windows
Formatting a write-protected key
Everything you need to know about EaseUS Partition Master Free software

Formatting a USB key in Windows

It is sometimes necessary to format your USB key, if only to store other more important data for example, or in the event of a crash. Long complex, this is no longer a problem because nowadays there are a multitude of tutorials and some software that can help you. You still need to know your needs as a user. What to choose among FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS?

If the first is to be used for USB keys with a maximum file size of 2 GB, the second is reserved only for keys with a maximum size which is equivalent to 4 GB. For the NTFS system, on the other hand, the maximum size of files to repair turns out to be unlimited. Each of these types of systems has many advantages in terms of accessibility. Although the 3 types of file systems are accessible to all versions of Windows, the difference is felt in the version of Windows. Yes, FAT32 is accessible from Windows 95 OSR2, and NTFS for its part is from Windows NT 4.

Formatting a USB key under Windows is then done in stages:

• Go to the “Control Panel” section,
• Select “Administrative Tools”,
• Go to the “Computer Management” section,
• Select “Disk Management”

Once you have completed these steps, right-click and click on the drive concerned, choose the “Format” function then validate by clicking on the “OK” button.

Formatting a write-protected key

To format a write-protected USB key under this program, it is essential to use suitable software, download it, and install it. Launch it and right-click on the drive to format and go to the “Format Partition” option. Next, name the drive. However, for a USB stick less than 4 GB, put FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2 or EXT3. If this size exceeds 4 GB, FAT is completely excluded after selecting the sector size. Finally, validate by clicking on the “Confirm” button. You could also format USB keys using a very practical software for this: EaseUS Partition Master Free software.

Everything you need to know about EaseUS Partition Master Free software

“EaseUS Partition” is software that allows users to manage partitions, recover data, backup, restore and transfer data. If its design was intended to easily and quickly partition a hard drive. It can also be used to format a USB key while also managing its free spaces. Included with this program are tools that facilitate the manipulation of MBR and partition tables. However, it is important to be careful when installing it to opt for the choice of “Custom installation” and to uncheck all the other options offered. Opting for this software simply means resizing the partition safely and faster. Thanks to this tool, you are allowed to merge a simultaneous partition to your main partition to easily find space on the disk in question, without losing your data. That said, using this program, EaseUS Partition gives you the option to convert FAT formatted disk to NTFS formatting. You could therefore make a free score very easily.

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