How to listen to internet radio without a computer or smartphone?

Today, with the evolution of technology, it is perfectly possible to follow French radios and radios from other countries without a computer or smartphone. This is possible thanks to internet radios integrating a network audio player. These radios broadcast on all radio stations via an internet connection and in complete autonomy, without the use of another device. Find out here everything you need to know to listen to web radio without a computer or smartphone.

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How Internet radios work
The choice of radio reception and Turner: FM/DAB/WIFI
The multi-room functionality of Internet radios

How Internet radios work

To listen to free radio on the internet, you need an internet radio. It is a completely independent audio device that works by direct connection to the WIFI home network.

A WIFI radio includes an audio player to make it easy to choose and play all types of sound sources. Thus, depending on the type of source chosen, the radio can broadcast internet radio content, audio files, or online music services.

A WIFI radio is easily configured. Simply select the WIFI network and validate the WIFI password on the station screen. If you use a network cable to the RJ45 socket of the radio, the internet connection will be made immediately and without the need for configuration.

The choice of radio reception and Turner: FM/DAB/WIFI

An Internet radio can host different types of radio receptions. The first is RNT (Digital Terrestrial Radio), called in English DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting).

RNT is for radios what TNT (digital terrestrial television) represents for televisions. This means that radio is also going digital. Thus, RNT offers several advantages. First, it offers a wider range of radio frequencies than the FM band. Then, it is very easy to use, because there is no need to memorize the frequency of a radio to find it. You can search for frequencies by name or alphabetically, as you wish.

The other type of tuner that internet radios can receive is the FM band. The FM band is a classic band, and it works without the internet. It can be useful when the internet connection is faulty.

Finally, internet radios can also receive the internet tuner. The use of this tuner is recommended, because it allows clear listening to voices. It has a plethora of choices of radio stations. You can also listen to your podcasts and radio shows on delay.

The multi-room functionality of Internet radios

Most internet radios have the multi-room function which allows you to broadcast the same music or the same radio program on several devices compatible with multi-room. So, if you put devices compatible with multi-room functionality in different rooms in your home, you can listen to your radio broadcasts throughout the house.

Internet radios are the most adapted to this digital age because they offer possibilities that were previously non-existent. Here is the essential information you need to know to listen to Internet radio without a computer or smartphone.

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